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Recently Approved Liquor Licensee?

We want to hear from you!
Have you recently worked with the Licensing Division to obtain a liquor license? If so, our staff would love to hear from you about your experience. To connect with us about this opportunity to be interviewed in-person at your location, please contact Kaitlin Leeberg at or 1-360-664-1643 by November 1, 2019.

Crafting and Liquor Licenses

Licensing often receives applications for crafting businesses (paint-n-sips, woodworking classes, pottery classes, etc.). Washington State does not have a specific license for these types of businesses. However, Licensing staff are always willing to explore what type of license best fits your business model. If you want to serve liquor at a crafting business, you have a few options. Each one has different requirements.  Some common licenses crafting businesses qualify for include:  
  • Restaurant
  • Snack Bar
  • Beer/Wine Tavern
You can see detailed information regarding the requirements for each license type here.  Please contact us at 1-360-664-1600, if you would like more information.

You and Your Enforcement Officer

Contributed by Captain Tom Dixon
My journey with State of Washington employment started with the Department of Revenue (DOR) back in the 80’s.  It took a few years, but I came to the conclusion that tax collection didn’t fit with my long-term career goals.  During my time at DOR I had many contacts at other local, federal and state agencies, but the most intriguing professionals with whom I dealt were the Enforcement Officers (then called Agents) at the Liquor Control Board. 
Rarely did a month pass without talking with the LCB agents about something one of us were working on and they soon recruited me over to the LCB.  At the time my mindset was such that I figured I’d accumulate some liquor enforcement experience and then move on to work for the federal government and see the country. Within only a few weeks of my arrival at the LCB, I knew that these were the people with whom I wanted to devote my career, and 29 years later, I’m still here. While folks at the LCB were great, I soon learned that it was the very folks I was regulating that would keep me here. 
Each LCB Officer is assigned a specific geographic area containing the businesses (licensees) for which they are responsible.  Officers are to work with their licensees, law enforcement, local government and citizens to make their assigned communities safer.  Officers are expected to develop a proactive working relationship with their licensees through technical assistance strategies, educational materials, training classes, and sometimes enforcement actions.  This is accomplished through daytime field visits, training classes or late-night premises checks.
Licensees are encouraged to contact their enforcement officer if they have questions about the laws, proposed activities, compliance strategies, etc.  The enforcement officer is to be the licensee’s one-stop-shopping contact for all things alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or vapor related.  A map is available to help you identify your assigned enforcement officer. 
We’re hiring!!  If you know someone who would like to be considered in joining our ranks, please visit our website or talk to your enforcement officer. Your consideration would be appreciated.

Trade Practice Rules - Lawsuit Resolution

A ruling was recently made by the Court of Appeals, Div. 1 about Trade Practice rules that were adopted in 2015, then challenged by the then-named Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) and Costco. 
The rules were upheld in Superior Court but on appeal, the Court of Appeals, Div. 1, recently found three of the rules to be beyond the authority of the Board because they are contrary to RCW 66.28.170. This is the statute that states price discrimination is unlawful, but that price differentials based on various factors, included “bona fide business factors” were allowable.
Essentially the court found that the Board's action in adopting WAC 314-23-065 (unfair trade practices), 314-23-080 (Volume discounts limited to introductory price for spirits); and 314-23-085 (volume discounts over time, or delivered to multiple locations not allowed) was not arbitrary or capricious, but did find the rules exceeded the authority of the Board since they conflict with RCW 66.28.170.
The Board has decided not to appeal the court ruling, but will weigh whether to commence rulemaking to clarify or revise these rules.  
If you have questions about trade practices or channel pricing, please contact Captain Sheri Lopez at or (509) 625-5516.

Updated Licensing Forms and Resources

The Licensing Division regularly updates online applications, forms, and resources. To ensure you have the most up to date versions, download and print applications from our website each time you need it.
Please check out our recently updated Fee and Description Sheets for Liquor Retail and Liquor Non-Retail licenses and permits. These resources now include hyperlinks to the applicable laws and rules related to each license type. 

Licensing Division - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update

The Licensing Division at WSLCB has been increasing our efforts to assist customers from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. Over the past several months, Licensing has expanded access to telephonic interpretive services to better assist our customers in their preferred language. Additionally, the Licensing Division has identified frequently requested forms and application documents that we will translate into Korean and Spanish in the upcoming months. The Licensing Division also has bilingual staff ready to assist customers in Korean or Spanish.

Vapor Page Updated 

As you are likely aware, vapor has been a hot topic in the news lately. Since some of you may also possess tobacco and vapor licenses, we wanted to share that the LCB has expanded its Vapor and Public Health page on the Liquor and Cannabis Board website with additional clarifying information regarding the flavored vapor product ban.
Updates include content regarding:
  • Specific pages for Cannabis licensees and Tobacco/Vapor licensees;
  • Table stating “What’s Allowed” and “Not Allowed” in the emergency rule;
  • Disposition of product;
  • Enforcement information; and
  • Links to required signage.
Please continue to return to the page for the most current information.

Promote public safety and trust through fair administration and enforcement of liquor, cannabis, tobacco, and vapor laws.
-WSLCB Mission Statement
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