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Need to Make License Changes? 

If you want to make changes to your licensed business structure, the WSLCB Licensing Division will work with you to make those changes within the law. 
I am making changes to my business structure, what do I need to do?Any time you make a change to your business structure (selling your business, adding a member, or changing the percentage of ownership), you must get prior approval from the WSLCB.
  • Apply for an Assumption, if you are making changes to your business that include a change in your Unified Business Identifier (UBI). This usually occurs when the entire entity is changing. Submit a business license application, marking the option for change in ownership. New license fees are charged for assumptions.
  • Apply for a Change in Governing People or Entity, when members are changing their percentage of ownership, but the entity UBI remains the same.
 You can find the applications here.  Please mail them to Business Licensing Services (BLS) at the Department of Revenue.  Once BLS processes the application, they will send it to the WSLCB and a Licensing Specialist will contact you to schedule an interview to discuss the changes.
 I am a producer/processor.  My licenses are at the same location, and I want to move one.  What do I do?
When you hold a producer and processor license together under the same license number at the same physical location and want to move either the producer or the processor to a separate address/physical location, it is called a “split.”  In July 2018, the WSLCB produced a webinar about how to split your producer/processor license.  You can find that informational PowerPoint here.

Who should I contact for general questions about my marijuana license?

After licensure, your main point of contact will be your enforcement officer. If you are unsure who your enforcement officer is, please call 360-664-9878.
For questions about applications or changes to your licensed business, please contact WSLCB customer service at 360-664-1600 or

Extraction Requirements – Fire Marshal, WSLCB Approval, and Ethanol Permits

Approval from your local Fire Marshal is required any time you use an extraction method with a closed-loop system or ethanol.  When processing an application to add these extraction types, your Licensing Specialist will ask for a copy of the Fire Marshal approval.
 WSLCB approval is required before you add any new extraction type. To start the process, submit an application to alter your operating plan.  
If you plan to use ethanol in the extraction process, you must also apply for a Class 2 permit from the WSLCB to purchase ethanol. You can find the application for a Class 2 permit here.  

Washington's Outdoor Cannabis Harvest - A Refresher on Traceability Workarounds

Captain Tom Dixon, Enforcement
The outdoor harvest will soon be in full-swing and if you’re a “Producer only” licensee, there are a few things for you to know if you’re transferring wet flower to a Processor.  Board Interim Policy 04-2016 states: 
In addition to the provisions of WAC 314-55-075(1) allowing Marijuana Producer licensees to produce, harvest, dry, trim, cure, and package marijuana into lots for sale at wholesale to Marijuana Processor licensees and to other Marijuana Producer licensees, Marijuana Producers may wholesale and transfer wet flower to licensed processor locations without packaging it into lots. 
If you are having problems recording your wet flower transfers in traceability system, you may utilize the procedure outlined in Board Interim Policy 13-2019 which addresses “workarounds” for the problems with the recent software changes to the Leaf Traceability System.  
If you have questions, or if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact your Enforcement Officer.  

Hemp: Information Available on WSLCB Website

There is now information about hemp available on WSLCB's web page. Visit the Hemp page to find out what you should know about hemp, CBD, growing hemp in Washington State, and the regulation of hemp. 

Emergency Rules Adopted Regarding Flavored Vapor Products

On October 16, 2019, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (Board) adopted emergency rules consistent with the directives of Executive Order 19-03, dated September 27, 2019. On October 9, 2019, the Washington State Board of Health followed by issuing emergency rules that prohibited the sale of flavored vapor products by persons licensed under chapter 69.50 or 70.345 RCW.
To carry out the directive established by EO 19-03 and State Board of Health emergency rules, the emergency rules require licensees to disclose all compounds, including but not limited to ingredients, solvents, additives, preservatives, thickening agents, terpenes and other substances used to produce or added to marijuana concentrates for inhalation or marijuana-infused extracts for inhalation at any point during production and processing, regardless of source and origin.
Because the outbreak of lung disease is occurring now and growing, the immediate adoption of rules requiring disclosure of compounds and other substances added to marijuana concentrates for inhalation or marijuana-infused extracts for inhalation is necessary for the preservation of public health, safety and general welfare. The WSLCB will use this information to assist public health officials in isolating the compounds and products that may be connected to the recent outbreak of lung disease.
The disclosure form can be found here. Please follow the instructions within the document and submit to
Executive Order 19-03 also orders and directs the Board to provide consumer warnings by requiring that warning signs regarding the posting of warning signs regarding the health risks of vaping at retailers where vapor products containing THC are sold. The Board worked with the industry representatives and the Department of Health to develop these warning signs.
The emergency rule requires licensed marijuana retailers to conspicuously post a warning sign provided by the Board regarding the health risks of vapor products where vapor products, as defined by WAC 246-80-010(12), are sold. The sign may be downloaded from the Liquor and Cannabis Board website here.
For clarification and tips on filling out the vapor product ingredient disclosure form, refer to this helpful guide that provides answers to common questions.  

Licensing Division- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update

The Licensing Division at WSLCB has been increasing our efforts to assist customers from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds. Over the past several months, Licensing has expanded access to telephonic interpretive services to better assist our customers in their preferred language. Additionally, the Licensing Division has identified frequently requested forms and application documents that we will translate into Korean, Spanish, and Russian in the upcoming months. The Licensing Division also has bilingual staff ready to assist customers in Korean or Spanish.

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