Don’t Overpay for your Liquor Licenses, Permits and Endorsements! 

Did you know that liquor license application fees were reduced on July 1, 2017? The legislature increased license application fees to 6.2 percent for the 2015-2017 biennium to help cover the costs of the agency's Systems Modernization Project. This surcharge has now ended. Please remember to send in the correct fees when you apply for new licenses, endorsements, and permits.
Updated forms and the current fee schedule are available on our website.

Do You Know Someone Who Is Planning an Event? Do They Have the Right Licenses and Permits? 

This is the busy season for Special Occasion Licenses and Banquet Permits. Help your customers understand what kind of permit or license they need. 

Plan Ahead

We need at least 45 days to issue a Special Occasion License. Applications for Special Occasion Licenses received less than 45 before the event may not be issued. 
 If you are a licensee and someone asks you to cater alcohol at a festival or community event, consider the following issues:
  • Do you have a catering endorsement? If you don’t have a catering endorsement, you cannot cater alcohol. 
  • Is a non-profit asking for your services? Only a non-profit entity that is sponsoring an event can hire you to sell alcohol. Promoters and/or event coordinators may not hire you.
  • Do you have approval from your LCB Enforcement officer? You'll need to get approval from your officer prior to the event. The officer will need the non-profits UBI number before they can approve the event.
  • ALL profit from alcohol sales at the event must go to the licensee. You are not required to donate the proceeds to the non-profit. You may donate after the event, if you choose.
Other Special Occasions questions from licensees: 
  • Can a non-profit have a Special Occasion event at my liquor-licensed location? Yes, but you may not serve your alcohol during the event. Only one license/permit can be in use at a location at one time. 
  • Can a non-profit hold an auction at my liquor-licensed premises? Yes, only if they have a Special Occasion license. Groups without non-profit status may not auction alcohol.
For more information please contact Customer Service at (360) 664-1600, press 1

Public Events and Festivals

It is important to remember that no matter what the circumstances you cannot give away free alcohol at a public event. Licensees may only sell liquor at events that are open to the public if you are a non-profit entity. Non-profit entities have two options for selling liquor at a public event:
  • Apply for a Special Occasion License, or 
  • Hire a licensee with a catering endorsement. 
For more information please contact Customer Service at (360) 664-1600, press 1

Private Parties

Are you having a summer celebration for family and friends? If you are having a party for invited guests in your home, you don't need a permit. However if you are planning to serve liquor to invited guests in a public place or business, you’ll need a banquet permit. Banquet permits are available to for-profit businesses, societies, organizations, and individuals. You can apply for a banquet permit online.
Private parties with a banquet permit may use your licensed premises. However, they have to bring their own alcohol, it cannot be sold, and you may not sell your alcohol at the event. 
For more information please contact Customer Service at (360) 664-1600, press 1

Have You Joined the Responsible Vendor Program (RVP)? 

The RVP is designed to help licensees adopt and enforce best practices for responsible and legal alcohol sales. It is a free, self-monitoring program with a variety of benefits for participants. 
  • Submit your completed RVP application 
  • Establish and enforce “house policies” for alcohol sales, require all employees to read and sign the policies, and post them where employees can see them.
  • Post signs to deter the illegal purchase of alcohol by patrons.
  • Train your employees in responsible alcohol sales prior to making alcohol sales and repeat training at least once a year. 

WSLCB Responsible Sales Video

What are the benefits for the RVP participant?
In addition to contributing to the public safety of your community, licensees participating in the RVP may be eligible to receive a reduced sanction from the WSLCB, if they are cited for selling alcohol to a minor. For example:
  • One spirits sales violation in a 12-month period, could have the monetary penalty reduced from $1,000 to $500.
  • One beer and or wine sales violation in a 24-month period may be deferred for two years. If no more violations occur during the two year time frame, the violation will be dismissed.
For more information about the program please visit our website, email:, call: (360) 664-1727 or (360) 664-1728

Chief Justin Nordhorn named President of the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association

Earlier this month our own Chief Nordhorn was sworn in as the President of the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association (NLLEA). The NLLEA is a not for profit association that actively collaborates with other national law enforcement organizations and state and local law enforcement organizations. It works to foster a mutually beneficial working relationship with alcohol research, public health organizations and with responsible members of the liquor industry.
Chief Justin Nordhorn started with the WSLCB in 1998, and was appointed Chief in 2011. He has 23 years of law enforcement experience, holds a Bachelor’s in Law and Justice, is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.
In 2014 NLLEA named the LCB Enforcement Division its Liquor Enforcement Agency of the year for its dedication, professionalism and innovation displayed while experiencing significant policy changes with privatization of the sale of spirits and the legalization of recreational marijuana.
Congratulations Chief!

Observations from the Field

Common issues our Enforcement Officers are encountering
Recently our officers have seen more instances of licensees, managers and supervisors who are not aware they need a Class 12 or Class 13 Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) Permit. The law requires anyone involved in the sale, service or supervision of liquor for on-premises consumption must obtain a MAST permit within 60 calendar days of being hired.  
The MAST training program provides important information to servers and management about legally handling and serving alcohol so as to protect public safety. Penalties for allowing employees to handle and serve alcohol without a permit can include fines and suspension of liquor license, up to cancellation of license.
For more information about the program please visit our website, or call (360) 664-1728.

New Over Service Educational Video 

Our Enforcement division has created a new and updated over service awareness video for licensees. This video can educate licensees and their employees on how to serve alcohol responsibly, help viewers recognize the signs of intoxication and how to deal with apparently intoxicated customers. Below is the video to share with anyone who sells alcohol, a version is also located on the LCB website and Youtube channel.    

Did You Know You Can Get Approval for Outdoor Service?

Take advantage of the nice weather and get approved for outside service! Just complete and return the application and one of our licensing specialists will work with you to extend alcohol service outside the building. Rules for outside service.  
For more information please contact Customer Service at (360) 664-1600, press 1

Promote public safety and trust through fair administration and enforcement of liquor, cannabis, tobacco, and vapor laws.
-WSLCB Mission Statement

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